Hundreds of charities have benefitted from Colourthon…

10th Southend Scout Group (Reg. No. 1045298)
12th Southend Scout Group (Reg. No. 1045298)
1st Hadleigh Scout Group (Reg. No. 306101)
1st Leigh Guides (Reg. No. 1073077)
1st Prittlewell Guides (Reg. No. 1073077)
1st Prittlewell Scout Group (Reg. No. 1045298)
1st Shoeburyness Scout Group (Reg. No. 1045498)
1st/2nd Eastwood Cub Scout Group (Reg. No. 1103720)
28 Too Many (Reg. No. 1150379)
2nd Thorpe Bay Scout Group (Reg. No. 1045298)
3rd Castle Mount East Brownies (Reg. No. 306016)
3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea Scout Group (Reg. No. 302078)
3rd Prittlewell Scouts (St. Peter's Group) (Reg. No. 302079)
3rd Southchurch Scouts (Reg. No. 1045298)
4th Thorpe Bay Guides (Reg. No. 1072552)
4th/6th Leigh-on-Sea Scout Group (Reg. No. 271215)
4th/6th Leigh-on-Sea Scout Group (Reg. No. 271215)
5th Canvey Air Scout Group (Reg. No. 366101)
5th Thorpe Bay Brownies (Reg. No. 306016)
8th Leigh Guides - South West Div. Guide Ass. (Reg. No. 1073077)
Abbeyfield Southend Society, The (Reg. No. 260015)
ABF The Soldiers' Charity (Reg. No. 211645)
Able Kidz (Reg. No. 1114955)
Aching Arms (Reg. No. 1153296)
ACROSS (Southend Branch) (Reg. No. SC030126)
Action Aid (Reg. No. 274467)
Action Duchenne (Reg. No. 1101971)
Action for Children (Reg. No. 1097940)
Action For Family Carers (Reg. No. 1127164)
Action Medical Research (Reg. No. 208701)
Action on Hearing Loss (Reg. No. 207720)
Active Christian Trust (The Warehouse) (Reg. No. 1015452)
Addaction (Reg. No. 1001957)
Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust, The (Reg. No. 1048868)
Addup (Reg. No. 1091461)
Addup (Reg. No. 1091461)
Afasic (Reg. No. 1045617)
Against Breast Cancer (Reg. No. 1121258)
Age Concern (Southend-on-Sea) (Reg. No. 1160916)
Age UK Essex (Reg. No. 1091058)
Alan Morement Memorial Fund (Reg. No. 1091915)
Alzheimer's Research UK (Reg. No. 1077089 and SC042474)
Alzheimer's Society (Colchester) (Reg. No. 296645)
Alzheimer's Society (Havering) (Reg. No. 296645)
Alzheimer's Society (London) (Reg. No. 296645)
Alzheimer's Society (Southend) (Reg. No. 296645)
Amazing Daisy Charity Fund (GOSH) (Reg. No. 235825)
Amicus (Andrew Lee Jomes Fund) (Reg. No. 1019651)
AmyMayTrust (Southend Round Table 106) (Reg. No. 1052897)
Anaphylaxis Campaign (Reg. No. 1085527)
Angelina Our Star Appeal (GOSH) (Reg. No. 235825)
Animal Health Trust (Reg. No. 209642)
Animals Asia Foundation (Reg. No. 1086903)
Anthony Nolan Trust, The (Reg. No. 803716)
Anxiety UK (Reg. No. 1113403)
Aplastic Anaemia Trust, The (Reg. No. 1107539)
Apostolic Faith Mission Southend (Reg. No. 1144529)
ARC (Reg. No. 207711)
Arron Williams Trust Fund, The (Reg. No. 1052897)
Art Ministry, The (Reg. No. 1108227)
Artability (Southend Mencap) (Reg. No. 1078686)
Arthritis Care (Reg. No. 206563)
Arts Council of England, The (Reg. No. 1036733)
Ascension Trust - Street Pastors (Reg. No. 1039580)
Aset (Reg. No. 1014856)
Ask Albie (Reg. No. 1165041)
Aspire (Reg. No. 1075317)
Asthma UK (Reg. No. 802364)
Autistica (Reg. No. 1107350)
Autonomic Disorders Ass. (Reg. No. 1062308)
B.O.P.H (Reg. No. 1146329 )
B17 Charitable Trust, The (Reg. No. 1079007)
Balls To Cancer (Reg. No. 1146185)
Barking and Dagenham Scouts (Reg. No. 303798)
Barnardo's (Reg. No. 216250)
Barny Bus Preschool (Reg. No. 1159837)
Barrow Farm Group Riding for the Disabled (Reg. No. 1059758)
Barts and the London Charity (Reg. No. 212563)
Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals Charitable Trust (Reg. No. 1049424)
Basildon Hospital - NICU (Reg. No. 1049424)
Basildon Sea Cadets (Reg. No. 313013)
Basildon Women's Aid (Reg. No. 279777)
BATIAS Independent Advocacy Service (Reg. No. 1016226)
Battersea Dogs Home (Reg. No. 206394)
BCCS - Brentwood Catholic Children's Society (Reg. No. 1000661)
Beagle Welfare (Reg. No. 328633)
Beat - Eating Disorders Association (Reg. No. 801343)
Bell Restoration Fund (Reg. No. 292250)
Benfleet Methodist Church Redevelopement Fund (Reg. No. 1127749)
Big Issue Foundation, The (Reg. No. 1049077)
Bipolar UK (Reg. No. 293340)
Bipolar UK Ltd (Reg. No. 293340)
Blenheim Nursery & Children's Centre (Southend Round Table 106) (Reg. No. 1052897)
BLESMA (Reg. No. 1084189)
Blind and Sight Impaired Society (Reg. No. 1074567)
BLISS - The Premature Baby Charity (Reg. No. 1002973)
Bloodwise (Reg. No. 216032)
Bloodwise, Southend Branch (Reg. No. 216032)
Blue Cross, The (Reg. No. 224392)
Bobby Moore Fund, The (Cancer Research UK) (Reg. No. 1089464)
Bone Cancer Research Trust (Reg. No. 1159590)
BOSP Brighter Opportunities through Supported Play (Reg. No. 1107392)
Bowel and Cancer Research (Reg. No. 1119105)
Bowel Cancer UK (Reg. No. 1071038)
Brain Tumour Foundation UK (Reg. No. 1117538)
Brain Tumour Research (Reg. No. 1153487)
Brainstrust (Reg. No. 1114634)
Brainwave Childrens Charity (Reg. No. 1073238)
Breast Cancer Care (Reg. No. 1017658)
Breast Cancer Now (Reg. No. 1060558)
Breast Cancer UK (Reg. No. 1088047)
Breast Cancer Unit - Broomfield Hospital (Reg. No. 1048542)
Breathe Easy (Southend) (Reg. No. 326730)
Breathe Easy - Hertford Group (BLF) (Reg. No. 326730)
Brentwood Diocesan Trust, The (Reg. No. 234092)
British Acoustic Neuroma Association (Reg. No. 1024443)
British Disabled Water Ski Association (Reg. No. 1063678)
British Heart Foundation (Kent) (Reg. No. 225971)
British Heart Foundation (London) (Reg. No. 225971)
British Liver Trust (Reg. No. 298858)
British Lung Foundation (Reg. No. 326730)
British Paralympic Association, The (Reg. No. 802385)
British Red Cross Society, The (Reg. No. 220949)
British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (Reg. No. 271729)
British Thyroid Foundation - BTF (Reg. No. 1006391)
British Tinnitus Association (Reg. No. 1011145)
Brompton Fountain (Reg. No. 1110339)
Brooke Hospital for Animals, The (Reg. No. 1085760)
Business Opp for the Physically Handicaped (Reg. No. 1041881)
Busy Bees Pre-School (Reg. No. 1020718)
C.A.P.E. - Comm Action Project for the Elderly (Reg. No. 1090959)
CAFOD - Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (Reg. No. 285776)
Cambridge Allergy Therapy Ltd. (Reg. No. 1048868)
Camfed International (Reg. No. 1029161)
Camp Jojo (Reg. No. 1189163)
Cancer Research UK (National) (Reg. No. 1089464)
Canceractive (Reg. No. 1102413)
Cardiac Risk in the Young - CRY (Reg. No. 1050845)
Cardiomyopathy UK (Reg. No. 1164263)
Carers Choices (Reg. No. 1093483)
Caring Hearts (Reg. No. 1114140)
Carli Lansley Foundation (Reg. No. 1180262)
Carousel School of Gymnastics (Reg. No. 803483)
Castellan West African Trust Project, The (Reg. No. 1110998)
Castle Point Social Car Scheme (Reg. No. 1076007)
Castledon Greyhound Rescu (Reg. No. 1142778)
CAT - Cat Action Trust (Reg. No. 1048779)
Cat Action Trust 1977 (Reg. No. 801245)
Catholic Women's League Westcliff Branch (Reg. No. 250120)
CATS (Children's Acute Transport Service) (Reg. No. 1124897)
Cats Protection (Southend & District) (Reg. No. 203644)
Cats Protection (Southend) (Reg. No. 203644)
Caudwell Children (Reg. No. 1079770)
CAVS (Reg. No. 1103968)
Cedar Hall School (Ass. Parents, Staff and Friends) (Reg. No. 1027575)
Celia Hammond Animal Trust (Reg. No. 293787)
Charity waiting verification (Reg. No. 00000000)
Chelmsford Chess - CHESS (Reg. No. 1093901)
Chernobyl Children's Lifeline (Reg. No. 1014274)
Child Bereavement Charity (Reg. No. 1040419)
Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (Reg. No. 327493)
Childline (Reg. No. 216401)
Childreach International (Reg. No. 1106490)
Children in Need (BBC Appeal) (Reg. No. 802052)
Children with Cancer UK (Reg. No. 298405)
Children's Burns Club (Reg. No. 1048542)
Children's Cancer & Leukaemia Group (Reg. No. 286669)
Children's Society, The (Reg. No. 221124)
Childrens Liver Disease Foundation (Reg. No. 1067331)
Chilubula Support Group (Reg. No. 1117729)
Chris Yeates Spinal Cord Injury Trust, The (Reg. No. 1128503)
Christian Blind Mission (Reg. No. 1058162)
Christian Hope International (Reg. No. 1061526)
Christian Lewis Trust (Reg. No. 1113821)
Church From Scratch (Shared Space) (Reg. No. 1147116)
CLAPA - Cleft Lip and Palate Association (Reg. No. 1108160)
Clarkes Farm Greyhound Rescue (Reg. No. 1113924)
Cleft - Bridging the Gap (Reg. No. 1119630)
CLIC Sargent (Reg. No. 1107328)
CLIMB (Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases) (Reg. No. 1089588)
Clowns in the Sky (Reg. No. 1105195)
Coeliac UK (Reg. No. 1048167)
Colostomy Association - Bowel Cancer (Reg. No. 1113471)
Compassion in World Farming (Reg. No. 1095050)
Compassion UK Christian Child Development (Reg. No. 1077216)
Contact a Family - (Von Hippel-Lindau) - VHL (Reg. No. 284912)
Core - Digestive Disorders Foundation (Reg. No. 1137029)
Cosmic (Reg. No. 1043697)
Crohn's and Colitis UK (Reg. No. 1117148)
Crohn's in Childhood Research Association - CICRA (Reg. No. 278212)
Cruse Bereavement Care (South East) - CRUSE (Reg. No. 208078)
Cruse Bereavement Care (UK) - CRUSE (Reg. No. 208078)
Cry in the Dark (Reg. No. 1071517)
Cure Ret (Reg. No. 1146806)
Cystic Fibrosis Trust - CFT (Reg. No. 1079049)
Cystinosis Foundation Uk (Reg. No. 1074885)
Cystitis & Overactive Bladder Foundation (COB) (Reg. No. 1047714)
Daisy Palmer Trust (Southend Round Table 106) (Reg. No. 1052897)
Dame Vera Lynn Trust (Reg. No. 1089657)
Deafblind UK (Reg. No. 802976)
Delete Blood Cancer Uk (dbc) (Reg. No. 1150056)
Demelza House Childrens Hospice (Reg. No. 1039651)
Dementia UK (Reg. No. 1039404)
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (Reg. No. 1070607)
Diabetes UK (Eastern Region) (Reg. No. 215199)
DIAL Basildon & South Essex (Reg. No. 295259)
Dial Southend and Shop Mobility (Reg. No. 1093530)
Dogs for the Disabled (Reg. No. 1092960)
Dogs Trust (Reg. No. 227523)
Dolphin Court - Livability (Reg. No. 1116530)
Donna Pickering Cancer Trust (Reg. No. 1119978)
Dorothy House Hospice Care (Reg. No. 275745)
Down Syndrome Association (Reg. No. 1061474)
Down Syndrome Extra 21 (Reg. No. 1094957)
Down's South London (Reg. No. 1123045)
Downright Excellent (Reg. No. 1120863)
Dr Hadwen Trust (Reg. No. 1146896)
Dreamflight (Reg. No. 1117303)
Driving with Grace - Safer Roads Foundation (Reg. No. 1127577)
Dswt (Reg. No. 1103836)
Dystonia Society, The (Reg. No. 1062595)
Dystonia Society, The (Reg. No. 1062595)
Each (Reg. No. 1069284)
Earls Hall Baptist Church (Reg. No. 1126405)
East Of England Ambulance Service Charitable Funds (Reg. No. 1047987)
Eastwood Community Playgroup Association (Reg. No. 1023369)
Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, The (Reg. No. 1071811)
EducAid (Reg. No. 1048012)
Ehlers-Danlos Support UK (Reg. No. 1157027)
Elim Church Leigh (Reg. No. 251549)
Elim Church Leigh -Little Treasures Childrens Centre (Reg. No. 251549)
Elizabeth Fitzroy Support (Reg. No. 1011290)
Ellen MacArthur Trust, The (Reg. No. 1096491)
Ellenor Lions (Reg. No. 1121561)
Emily's Star (Reg. No. 1152520)
Endometriosis UK (Reg. No. 1035810)
EPIC Children's Respite Service (Reg. No. 1095673)
Epilepsy Action (Reg. No. 234343)
Epilepsy Action- South East Essex Branch (Reg. No. 234343)
Epilepsy Bereaved (Reg. No. 1050459)
Epilepsy Research UK - Steven Hurren Memorial Fund (Reg. No. 1100394)
Equal People Performing Arts (Reg. No. 1116649)
Essex Cavy & Rat Rescue (Reg. No. 1086639)
Essex Community Foundation The Ryan Tolley Leukemia Trust Fund (Reg. No. 1052061)
Essex Deaf Childrens Society (Reg. No. 290221)
Essex Dementia Care (Reg. No. 1129038)
Essex Disabled People's Association (Reg. No. 1102596)
Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society (Reg. No. 297893)
Essex Search and Rescue (Reg. No. 1096661)
Essex Wildlife Trust (Reg. No. 210065)
Essex& Herts Air Ambulance (Reg. No. 1108989)
Eurovangelism (Reg. No. 247788)
Evelina Children's Heart Organisation - ECHO (Reg. No. 287475)
Evelina Family Trust, The (Reg. No. 294248)
Everyman (Institute of Cancer Research) (Reg. No. 534147)
Example Charity (Reg. No. 0000000)
FABED Families Affected By Eosinophilic Disorders (Reg. No. 1143267)
Fairways Pre-School Playgroup (Reg. No. 1026716)
Families InFocus (Essex) (Reg. No. 1062311)
Farleigh Hospice (Reg. No. 284670)
Ferring Country Centre (Reg. No. 297286)
Festival Spirit (Reg. No. 1144888)
Fibroaction (Reg. No. 1125957)
Finding the Key (Reg. No. 1118998)
First Responders (Southend Round Table 106) (Reg. No. 1052897)
First Step (Reg. No. 1106002)
Flutterby Fundraisers (Reg. No. SC045064)
Footprints Orphanage Opportunity Group (Reg. No. 1126967)
For Dementia (Reg. No. 1039404)
Forces Children's Trust (Reg. No. 1104212)
Forget-Me-Not Suite (Reg. No. 1049424)
FOSTS Friends of St Teresa's (Reg. No. 1112239)
Foundation for Conductive Education (Reg. No. 295873)
Friars Centre Playgroup (Reg. No. 1131903)
Friends and Places Together (Reg. No. 1159584)
Friends of Abacus Primary School (Reg. No. 1099093)
Friends of Abandoned Dogs at Acresway (Reg. No. 1144921)
Friends of Blenheim Primary School (Reg. No. 1046046)
Friends of Castledon School (Reg. No. 299530)
Friends of Columbus School & College (Reg. No. 291357)
Friends of Earls Hall Schools (Reg. No. 273918)
Friends of Hadleigh Castle Country Park - FHCCP (Reg. No. 1029479)
Friends Of Rettendon School (Reg. No. 1104568)
Friends of Sacred Heart School (Reg. No. 1055256)
Friends of Southend Museums - FOSM (Reg. No. 288219)
Friends of Temple Sutton Primary School (Reg. No. 1024035)
Friends Of The Marillac (Reg. No. 279428)
Friends of Trinity St Mary's School (Reg. No. 1084258)
Friends of Woodside School (Reg. No. 1108569)
Frishta School & Orphanage (Reg. No. 1100368)
Georgia s Teenage Cancer Appeal (Reg. No. 310864-1)
Ghyllgrove Playgroup Association (Reg. No. 1111903)
Giraffe Appeal (Reg. No. 1049424)
Givingworks (Reg. No. 1078770)
Glenwood School Parent/Staff Association, The (Reg. No. 293279)
Global Angels Foundation (Reg. No. 1102826)
Goldenhar Support Group (Reg. No. 1099642)
Grapevine Essex (Reg. No. 1151261)
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (Reg. No. 1160024)
Greek Animal Rescue (UK) (Reg. No. 802243)
Grove House Hospice (Reg. No. 1003462)
Grove Nursery Group (Reg. No. 1014114)
Grove Road Pre-School (Reg. No. 1136076)
Grove Road Pre-school (Reg. No. 1136076)
Guide Dogs for the Blind (Reg. No. 209617)
Guy's And St Thomas Charity (Reg. No. 251983)
Hadleigh Infants and Nursery School Parents Association (Reg. No. 293112)
Hadleigh Junior School Association (Reg. No. 1036548)
Hadleigh Training Centre (Salvation Army) (Reg. No. 215174)
Haematology Cancer Care (Reg. No. 229771)
Haemophilia Society (Reg. No. 288260)
Hamelin Trust (Reg. No. 1004432)
Hamstel Schools PTA (Reg. No. 275950)
HARP - Homeless Action Resource Project (Reg. No. 1098126)
Harris HospisCare (Reg. No. 1003903)
Harris HospisCare (Reg. No. 1003903)
Harvest Plus (Reg. No. 1119461)
Havens Hospices (Reg. No. 1022119)
Havens Hospices (Reg. No. 1022119)
Hawksbury Preschool (Reg. No. 1034874)
HCPT Group 192 - The Pilgrimage Trust (Reg. No. 281074)
Headway Essex (Reg. No. 1008807)
Health and Education for All - HEAL (Reg. No. 1013340)
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (Reg. No. 293358)
Heart Link - East Midlands Children’s Heart Care (Reg. No. 513946)
Hearts Of Ldf (Reg. No. XT 39072)
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity (Reg. No. 1052861)
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity (Reg. No. 1052861)
Help 4 Hurting Children (HHC) (Reg. No. 1115936)
Help for Heros (Reg. No. 1120920)
Help the Aged (Reg. No. 272786)
HemiHelp (Reg. No. 1085349 )
Hepatitis C Trust (Reg. No. 1104279)
Herts Aid (Reg. No. 1130366)
Heycroft Primary School Parents Association (Reg. No. 1047088)
Hindu Elderly People Day Centre (Reg. No. 1077841)
Histio UK (Reg. No. 1158789)
Holiday Homes for the Handicapped (Reg. No. 282525 )
Home-Start South East (Reg. No. 297575)
Home-Start UK (Reg. No. 1108837)
Homerton Hope (Reg. No. 1061659)
Hope for South Africa's Children (Reg. No. 1106844)
Hopefield Sanctuary Trust (Reg. No. 800211)
Hopes and Dreams (Reg. No. 1020016)
Horse Trust, The (Reg. No. 231748)
Horseworld Trust (Reg. No. 1121920)
Hospitality Action (Reg. No. 1101083)
Huntingtons Disease Association, The (Southend) (Reg. No. 296453)
ICP Support (Reg. No. 1146449)
IDEA League UK (Reg. No. 1128289)
Infertility Network UK (Reg. No. 1099960)
Int. League for Protection of Horses - ILPH (Reg. No. 206658)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (Reg. No. 1024806)
Invest In Me (Reg. No. 1114035)
Isaacs House (Reg. No. 1124542)
James Ankers Forget Me Not Fund, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research (Reg. No. 216032)
Jamie Nicholls Appeal (Southend Round Table 106) (Reg. No. 1052897)
JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Reasearch Foundation (Reg. No. 295716)
Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Reg. No. 1106815)
Jo's Trust (Reg. No. 1076289)
Jo-Jo Cranfield - c/o Rotary Club (Southend) (Reg. No. 1035021)
John Grooms (Reg. No. 212463)
Jubilee Sailing Trust (Reg. No. 277810)
Just Helping Children (Just 4 Children) (Reg. No. 1164473)
Karis May Darling Foundation (Reg. No. 1142366)
Katie Piper Foundation (Reg. No. 1133313)
Katie Trust, The (Reg. No. 1076623)
Kent Air Ambulance Trust (Reg. No. 1021367)
Keyhole Cancer Appeal - Southend Hos. Char. Foundation (Reg. No. 1073031)
Kidney Research UK (Reg. No. 252892)
Kids First (Reg. No. 1105838)
King's Money Advice Centre (Reg. No. 1094420)
Kingsdown School PTA (Reg. No. 280349)
Kingsway Playgroup (Reg. No. 291729)
Kit 4 Troops (Reg. No. 1139324)
Klinefelter's Syndrome Association UK (Reg. No. 1058319)
KOFUP - Kenya Orphans Fund & Uganda Project (Reg. No. 1089628)
Lady McAdden Breast Screening Unit - BUST (Reg. No. 1062236)
Lancaster School Trust (Reg. No. 1052681)
LAP Research (Reg. No. 1130523)
Latchingdon Pre-School Playgroup (Reg. No. 1027634)
Latchingdon School Parents and Teachers Association (Reg. No. 1041318)
Latin Link (Reg. No. 1020826)
Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice - LOROS (Reg. No. 506120)
Leigh Folk Festival Association (Reg. No. 1171298)
Leigh Road Baptist Church (Reg. No. 1128952)
Leigh Rotary Club (Reg. No. 251049)
Lennox Childrens Cancer Fund (Reg. No. 1011325)
Lewy Body Society, The (Reg. No. 1114579)
Life In Abundance (ecuador)trust (Reg. No. 1106851)
Lifeblood (Reg. No. 1090540)
LifeLine Network International (Pregnant Teens Mentoring Scheme, Sierra Leone) (Reg. No. 1134473)
Link Community Development (Reg. No. 1048007)
Little Acorns Pre School (Reg. No. 1026965)
Little Fishes Preschool (Reg. No. 1136020)
Little Havens Hospice (Reg. No. 1022119)
Little Hearts Matter (Reg. No. 1123290)
Little Heroes ASD Support Group (Reg. No. 1167631)
Little John's House (Reg. No. 1156332)
Little People Uk (Reg. No. 1161274)
Livability - John Grooms (Reg. No. 1116530)
London Centre for Children with Cerebal Palsy (Reg. No. 1124524)
Look Essex (Reg. No. 1081772)
LUPUS UK (Reg. No. 1051610)
Lymphoma Association (Reg. No. 1068395)
Lymphoma Research Trust, The (Reg. No. 263424)
Macmillan Cancer (NATIONAL) (Reg. No. 261017)
Macmillan Cancer Support (ESSEX) (Reg. No. .261017)
MACS - Micro and Anophthalmic Childrens Society (Reg. No. 1040074)
make (Reg. No. 1137843)
Make-A-Wish (UK) (Reg. No. 295672)
Malaria No More UK (Reg. No. 1126222)
Maldon and District Citizens Advice Bureau (Reg. No. 1141869)
Mare and Foal Sanctuary (Reg. No. 1014256)
Marfan Trust, The (Reg. No. 328070)
Marie Curie Cancer Care (Reg. No. 207994)
Mark Wright Project, The (Reg. No. SC040690)
Martin and Su's Essex Kids (GCAP Charities) (Reg. No. 1091657)
MATCH (Reg. No. 1116218)
Max Appeal (Reg. No. 1088432)
Mayflower Performing Arts Group (Reg. No. 278645)
ME Research UK (Reg. No. SC036942)
Medecins Sans Frontieres (UK) (Reg. No. 1026588)
Medical Aid to Sri Lanka (Reg. No. 1080513)
Meniere's Society, The (Reg. No. 297246)
Meningitis Now (Reg. No. 803016)
Meningitis Research Foundation (Reg. No. 1091105)
Meningitis Trust, The (Reg. No. 803016)
Meningitis UK (Reg. No. 1076774)
Mental Health Foundation (Reg. No. 801130)
Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust (Reg. No. 1126083)
Michael Sobell House (Reg. No. 1079638)
Mike Campbell Foundation (Reg. No. 1144943)
MIND (Reg. No. 219830)
Mini Marvels Pre School (Reg. No. 1138365)
Mission Aviation Fellowship UK - MAF UK (Reg. No. 1064598)
Mission Aviation Fellowship UK Limited (Reg. No. 1064598)
Mitchell's Miracles (Reg. No. 1152726)
MND Association (Mid Essex) (Reg. No. 294354)
MND Association (National) (Reg. No. 294354)
MND Association (South Essex) (Reg. No. 294354)
Moments (Southend Round Table 106) (Reg. No. 1052897)
MS Tuesday Club (South East Essex) (Reg. No. 1139257)
MSTG (Reg. No. 1111565)
Multiple Sclerosis Society (Reg. No. 1139257)
Multiple Sclerosis Society, (South -East Essex) (Reg. No. 1139257)
Multiple System Atrophy Trust (Reg. No. 1137652)
Mumba Children's Project (Reg. No. 1140653)
Muscular Dystrophy Group (Colchester) (Reg. No. 205395)
Muscular Dystrophy Group (National) (Reg. No. 205395)
Musicians Benevolent Fund (Reg. No. 228089)
Myeloma UK (Reg. No. SC026116)
Myositis UK (Reg. No. 327791)
NASS (Reg. No. 272258)
National Animal Welfare Trust (Reg. No. 1090499)
National Association For Children Of Alcoholics (Reg. No. 1009143)
National Association for Mental Health, The - MIND (Reg. No. 219830)
National Autistic Society (Reg. No. 269425)
National Childbirth Trust - Southend Branch (Reg. No. 801395)
National Deaf Children's Society, The (Reg. No. 1016532)
National Eczema Society (Reg. No. 1009671)
National Osteoporosis Society (Reg. No. 1102712)
National Rheumatroid Arthritis Society (Reg. No. 1134859)
National Society for Epilepsy, The (Reg. No. 206186)
Net Patient Foundation (Reg. No. 1092386)
Neurofibromatosis Association, The (Reg. No. 1078790)
Newcastle University (Reg. No. 61406)
Newlife foundation for disabled children (Reg. No. 1001817)
North Avenue Youth Centre (Reg. No. 1125028)
NSPCC (Essex & Suffolk) (Reg. No. 216401)
OASIS Domestic Abuse Service (Reg. No. 1126198)
OCD-UK (Reg. No. 1103210)
Ochre (Reg. No. SC032343)
Odyssey Project Ltd (Reg. No. 1045259)
Options Pregnancy Crisis Centre (Southend) (Reg. No. 1104008)
Orangutan Appeal UK (Reg. No. 1092640)
Orchid Cancer Appeal (Reg. No. 1080540)
Ormiston Children & Families Trust (Reg. No. 1015716)
Our Lady of Lourdes Pre-School (Reg. No. 1012628)
Ovacome (Reg. No. 1159682)
Ovarian Cancer Action (Reg. No. 1109743)
Oxfam (Reg. No. 202918)
Pah Nhs Charitable Fund (Reg. No. 1054745)
Paintpots Pre-School (Reg. No. 290782)
Pancreatic Cancer UK (Reg. No. 1112708)
Panorama House - Rethink (Reg. No. 271028)
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Reg. No. 1049224)
PAPYRUS Prevention Of Young Suicide (Reg. No. 1070896)
PARC (Essex) (Reg. No. 1065854)
Parkinson's Disease Society, The (Maldon) (Reg. No. 258197)
Parkinson's Disease Society, The (National) (Reg. No. 258197)
Parkinsons UK (Reg. No. 258197)
Parochial Church Council of St. Peter, The (Reg. No. 1127774)
PC David Rathband's Blue Lamp Foundation (Reg. No. 1138319)
PDSA - Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (Reg. No. 208217)
Peaceful Place, The (Reg. No. 1127072)
PHAB Ltd (Reg. No. 283931)
PHOLK (Reg. No. 1177130)
PKD Charity (Reg. No. 1160970)
Place 2 Be (Reg. No. 1040756)
Plan UK (Reg. No. 276035)
PoetsIN (Reg. No. 1174754)
Polly Parrot (Reg. No. 1049424)
Prader-Willi Syndrome Association - PWSA UK (Reg. No. 284583)
Pre-School Learning Alliance (Southend) (Reg. No. 1096526)
Prince of Wales Hospice, The (Reg. No. 514999)
Prostate Action (Reg. No. 1135297)
Prostate Cancer UK (Reg. No. 1005541)
Prostrate Cancer UK (Reg. No. 1005541)
Pseudo Obstruction Research Trust (Reg. No. 1114217)
PSP Association, The (Reg. No. 1037087)
PTSD Resolution (Reg. No. 1133188)
Pulmonary Hypertension Association (Reg. No. 1120756)
Quaker Homeless Action (Reg. No. 1041921)
Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Trust Charitable Fund (Reg. No. 1056120)
Rainbow Trust Children's Charity (Reg. No. 1070532)
Rayleigh Methodist Pre-School (Reg. No. 1034872)
Rayleigh Open Door Service - RODS (Reg. No. 288704)
Rayleigh Primary School PTA (Reg. No. 1108075 )
Rayleigh, Rochford and District Association for Voluntary Service (RRAVS) (Reg. No. 1113433)
Re-Cycle (Reg. No. 1063570)
Reach Out to the Child S A (Reg. No. 1147018)
Reach the Children (Reg. No. 1108058)
Redwings Horse Sanctuary (Reg. No. 1068911)
Regional Rehab Unit - Northwick Pk NHS (Reg. No. 1083634)
Remap (Reg. No. 1000456)
Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary (Reg. No. 1134951)
Reprieve (Reg. No. 1114900)
Rescuers Wildlife Sanctuary, The (Reg. No. 1066161)
Restricted Growth Association, The (Reg. No. 261647)
Rethink (Reg. No. 271028)
Retired Greyhound Trust Harlow (Reg. No. 269668)
Retired Greyhound Trust, The (Reg. No. 269668)
Richard House Children's Hospice (Reg. No. 1059029)
Ring O' Roses Preschool (Reg. No. 1040313)
Rivers Group (Reg. No. XT30855)
RNIB - Royal National Institute of the Blind (Reg. No. 226227)
RNID - Royal Nat. Inst. for Deaf People (Basildon) (Reg. No. 207720)
RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Reg. No. 209603)
Rochford & Rayleigh Citizens Advice Bureau (Reg. No. 1082949)
Rom Valley Round Table 345 (Reg. No. 1069635)
Romford Greyhound Owners Association (Reg. No. 279956)
Rotary Club of Thorpe Bay (Reg. No. 1036005)
Roxwell Pre School Ltd (Reg. No. 1181652)
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, The (Reg. No. 1046854)
Royal Academy Of Music - Kieron Moore Scholarship Fund (Reg. No. 310007)
Royal Artillery Association, The (Reg. No. 238197)
Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital (Reg. No. 1053584)
Royal Marines Association (Reg. No. 206003)
Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign (Reg. No. 1095197)
Royal Marsden Sarcoma Research (Reg. No. 1050537)
Royal Mencap Society - MENCAP (Reg. No. 222377)
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Charity, The (Reg. No. 226955)
RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (Reg. No. 207076)
RSPCA - Danaher Animal Home (Reg. No. 1112369)
RSPCA - Essex South West Branch (Reg. No. 208381)
RSPCA Essx South and Southend (Reg. No. 208538)
Ryan Lee Trust (Reg. No. 1142531)
Sadlers Farm Riding for the Disabled Association (Reg. No. 1073584)
SADS UK (Reg. No. 1113681)
Safe Haven & Respite Environment (Reg. No. 279083)
Safer Places (Reg. No. 1018832)
Sailability Gravesend Sailing Club (Reg. No. 1085456)
Salvation Army (2nd Southend Scouts) (Reg. No. 214779)
Salvation Army (Hadleigh) (Reg. No. 214779)
Salvation Army (Leigh) (Reg. No. 214779)
Salvation Army (Rayleigh) (Reg. No. 214779)
Salvation Army Hadleigh Farm Rare Breed Centre (Reg. No. 214779)
Salvation Army Social Work Trust (Family Tracing Service) (Reg. No. 215174)
Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust (Reg. No. 1128354)
SAMM - Support After Murder and Manslaughter Abroad (Reg. No. 1111724)
Samuel's Boxes (Joshua's Boxes) (Reg. No. 1106030)
Sands, The Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity (Reg. No. 299679)
SANE (Reg. No. 296572)
Sarcoma Trust (Reg. No. 1119848)
Save The Children Fund (Reg. No. 213890)
Save the Rhino International (Reg. No. 1035072)
Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK) (Reg. No. 1161828)
Scoliosis Association (UK) (Reg. No. 285290)
Scope (Reg. No. 208231)
Scope in Time Appeal (Reg. No. 1049424)
Scotty's Little Soldiers (Reg. No. 1136854)
Secondary First (Reg. No. 1165614)
Selective Mutism Information & Research Association (Reg. No. 1022673)
SENSE (Reg. No. 1076497)
Serving The Homeless (Reg. No. 1018354)
Severn Hospice (Reg. No. 512394)
SHARE Safe Haven & Respite Environment (Reg. No. 279083)
Shared Space (Reg. No. 1161862)
Shelter - National Campaign For The Homeless People Limited (Reg. No. 263710)
Shields Parliament (Reg. No. 1117862)
SHINE (Reg. No. 249338)
Shipmates Hilltop Infant School (Reg. No. 1096042)
Shooting Star Children's Hospice, The (Reg. No. 1047916)
SHOUT - Laryngectomee Support Club South East (Reg. No. 273635)
Side by Side Refugees (Reg. No. EW47696)
Sign Health (Reg. No. 1011056)
Sila The Sarcoidosis Charity (Reg. No. 1063986)
Silverlining, The (Reg. No. 1132902)
Sizanani Village South Affrica (Reg. No. 1095637)
Skillshare International (Reg. No. 802576)
Smile International (Reg. No. 1079730)
Smile Train UK (Reg. No. 1114748)
Smiles Foundation, The (Reg. No. 1087961)
Soft UK (Reg. No. 1002918)
Sonus (Reg. No. 1065669)
SOS Bus - Southend YMCA (Reg. No. 1102837)
Sosrc - Southend On-sea Rape Crisis (Reg. No. 1143021)
South East and Central Essex Mind (Reg. No. 1148451)
South East Essex Advocacy for Older People (Reg. No. 1054073)
South East Essex Animal Trust (Reg. No. 1057762)
South Essex Wildlife Hospital (Reg. No. 1093545)
South Woodham Ferrers District Guides (Reg. No. 287436)
Southend Air Cadets 1312 (Reg. No. 261691)
Southend and District Association for Kidney Care (Reg. No. 279729)
Southend Assn for the Physically Handicappe (Reg. No. 251810)
Southend Blind Welfare Organisation - SBWO (Reg. No. 1069765)
Southend Carers Forum (Reg. No. 1093240)
Southend Christian Fellowship (Reg. No. 290547)
Southend Christian Fellowship (Reg. No. 290547)
Southend Citizens Advice (Reg. No. 1090600)
Southend Community Paediatric Nursing (Reg. No. 1053793)
Southend Cystic Fibrosis Association (Reg. No. 1101805)
Southend Disabled Sports Club (Reg. No. 266920)
Southend Domestic Abuse Projects (Reg. No. 1062493)
Southend Domestic Abuse Support Services (SDASS) (Reg. No. 1018832)
Southend East Division Guide Association (Reg. No. 1072552 )
Southend Foodbank (Reg. No. 1163160)
Southend Foster Familys (Reg. No. 1087891)
Southend Fund, The (Reg. No. 1052061)
Southend Hospital Charity (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Balmoral Ward (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Brachytherapy Fund (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Breast Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Butterfly Suite (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Cadgers Urology Support Grroup (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Cancer Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Cardiac Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Charity Fund (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Copes (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Critical Care Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Elizabeth Loury Ward (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Endoscopy (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Endoscopy Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Fetal Medicine (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - George F-Taylor Ward (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Hockley Ward (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Kitty Hubbard Ward (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Ladybird Nursery (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Lighthouse Child Development Centre (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Macmillan Information & Support Centre (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Margaret Broom Maternity Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Maternity Bereavement Support Fund (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Midwife Led Birth Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Neptune Ward (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Oncology Department (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Pinpoint Cancer Appeal (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Radiotherapy (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Renal Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Rheumatology Department (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Special Care Baby Ut (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Stroke Unit (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Strokebusters Appeal (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital NHS Trust - Westcliff Ward (Reg. No. 1057266)
Southend Hospital Radio (Reg. No. 272529)
Southend Junior PHAB (Reg. No. 285117)
Southend Mayors Charity Fund (Reg. No. SG0518)
Southend Mencap (Reg. No. 1078686)
Southend Mencap - Music Man Project (Reg. No. 1078686)
Southend Mencap Operatic and Dramatic Soc. - MODS (Reg. No. 222377)
Southend Pier Museum Trust (Reg. No. 802105)
Southend Relay fof Life (Reg. No. 1089464 )
Southend Round Table 106 (Reg. No. 1052897)
Southend Samaritans (Reg. No. 1173715)
Southend Sea Cadets (Reg. No. 301400)
Southend Senior PHAB Club (Reg. No. 285118)
Southend Sunflower Trust, The (Reg. No. 1070572)
Southend Sunflower Trust, The (OLD) (Reg. No. 1070572)
Southend Symphony Orchestra (Reg. No. 261264)
Southend Taxi Drivers Charity (Reg. No. 283348)
Southend Toy Library (Reg. No. 265358)
Southend University Hospital - Hockley Ward (Reg. No. PCED)
Southend Vineyard (Reg. No. 1047393)
Southend Women's Aid (Reg. No. 1062493)
Southend YMCA (Reg. No. 1102837 )
Southend-on-Sea 312 Sea Cadets (Reg. No. 301400)
Southern Lurcher Rescue (Reg. No. 1126665)
SPARKS Charity (Reg. No. 1003825)
Speakability (Reg. No. 295094)
Special Needs and Parents (SNAP) (Reg. No. 1077787)
Spinal Injuries Association (Reg. No. 1054097)
SSAFA (Reg. No. 210760)
St Christopher's Hospice (Reg. No. 210667)
St Helena Hospice (Reg. No. 280919)
St Joseph School PTA (Reg. No. 1046246)
St. Barnabas Pre-School Mayland (Reg. No. 1054562)
St. Christopher School, The (Reg. No. XR31693)
St. Clare Hospice Care Trust (Reg. No. 1063631)
St. Elizabeth Hospice (Suffolk) (Reg. No. 289154)
St. Francis Hospice (Reg. No. 275913)
St. John Ambulance (Reg. No. 1077265)
St. Josephs Hospice (Reg. No. 231323)
St. Luke's Church (Reg. No. 249505)
St. Lukes Hospice (Reg. No. 289466)
St. Martin's (Reg. No. 1104147)
St. Mary's Church (Reg. No. 249505)
St. Mary's Horse Refuge (Reg. No. 1101405)
St. Nicholas School Fund (Reg. No. 296555)
St. Peter's South Weald School Assn. (Reg. No. 1100732)
St. Wilfrid's Hospice (Reg. No. 283686)
Stanford-Le-Hope and District Scouts (Reg. No. 1002380)
Starfish Appeal Kings College Hospital (Reg. No. 230729)
Starlight Children's Foundation (Reg. No. 296058)
Starlight Children's Foundation (OLD) (Reg. No. 296058)
Stephs Wishes (Reg. No. 1154191)
Stifford Clays Boys and Amateur Boxing Club (Reg. No. 282581)
Street Child Africa (Reg. No. 1074832)
Stroke Association (Reg. No. 211015)
Strokebusters Appeal, The (Reg. No. 1073031)
Stuart Strange Vasculitis Trust (Reg. No. 1019983)
Sunfield Children's Homes Limited (Reg. No. 527552)
Sunny Days Childrens Fund (Reg. No. 1114784)
Support Dogs (Reg. No. 1088281)
Supporting Asperger Families in Essex - S.A.F.E (Reg. No. 1095075)
Take Heart (Southend) (Reg. No. 1023707)
Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain (Reg. No. 1053425)
Tb Alert (Reg. No. 1071886)
Teenage Cancer Trust (Reg. No. 1062559)
Temple Sutton Primary School (Reg. No. 1024035)
Temple Sutton Primary School (Reg. No. 1024035)
Terrence Higgins Trust - THT (Reg. No. 288527)
The Aaron Lewis Foundation (Reg. No. 1151539)
The Abbeyfield Southend Society (Reg. No. 260015)
The Ark Centre (Reg. No. 1163136)
The Bob Champion Cancer Trust (Reg. No. 1024664)
The Bob Champion Cancer Trust (Reg. No. 1024664)
The Born Free Foundation (Reg. No. 1070906)
The Brain Tumour Charity (Reg. No. 1150054)
The British Red Cross (to Combat Loneliness ) (Reg. No. 220949)
The Children's Trust (Reg. No. 288018)
The City of Chelmsford Mencap (Reg. No. 245421)
The Cure Parkinsons Trust (Reg. No. 1111816)
The Danny Green Fund (Reg. No. 1150334)
The Donkey Sanctuary (Reg. No. 264818)
The Dream Factory (Reg. No. 1123662)
The Dream Team (Reg. No. 1061667)
The Dyslexia Association (Reg. No. 1082345)
The FACE Charitable Foundation (Reg. No. 800331)
The Facial Surgery Research Foundation -saving Faces (Reg. No. 1081214)
The Family Fund Trust for Families (Reg. No. 1053866)
The Freemasons Grand Charity (Reg. No. 281942)
The Giving Dreams Foundation (Reg. No. 1145926)
The Habbit Factory (Reg. No. 1162418)
The Indee Rose Trust (Reg. No. 1132471)
The Intensive Care Society (Reg. No. 1039236)
The J's Hospice (Reg. No. 1099562)
The John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation (Reg. No. 1125277)
The Ledge Foundation (Reg. No. 1177055)
The Ledge Foundation (Reg. No. 1177055)
The Lullaby Trust (Reg. No. 262191)
The Matthew Dear Foundation (Reg. No. 1139419)
The Migraine Trust (Reg. No. 1081300)
The Miscarriage Association (Reg. No. 1076829)
The National Society For Phenylketonuria (Reg. No. 273670)
The One Pound Warriors (Reg. No. 1153487)
The Pituitary Foundation (Reg. No. 1058968)
The Royal Anglian Regiment Benevolent Charity (Reg. No. 1085050)
The Royal British Legion (Reg. No. 219279)
The Royal British Legion- Basildon & Laindon (Reg. No. 219279)
The Separated Child Foundation (Reg. No. 1120669)
The Sick Children's Trust (Reg. No. 284416)
The Sophie Lancaster Foundation (Reg. No. 1129689)
The Trinket Box Pre-school (Reg. No. 1145468)
The UK Sepsis Trust (Reg. No. 1158843)
The Whitechapel Centre (Reg. No. 1013060)
Thornberry Animal Sanctuary (Reg. No. 1018048)
Thriftwood School Parents & Friends Association (Reg. No. 1038508)
Thurrock District Scouts Playscheme (Reg. No. 279853)
Thurrock Mind (Reg. No. 1106452)
Timothy Mission to African Townships - TMAT (Reg. No. 1079837)
Tommy's (Reg. No. 1060508)
Tommy's (Reg. No. 1060508)
Tools with a Mission (Reg. No. 1104903)
Torch Trust For The Blind (Reg. No. 1095904)
Toybox Charity, The (Reg. No. 1084243)
TRAM STOP SHELTER (Reg. No. 1155260)
Tree Of Hope (Reg. No. 1149254)
Treetops School (Reg. No. 1004981)
Trinity Family Centre Ltd (Reg. No. 1119349)
Trust Links (Reg. No. 1092324)
Turning Tides - SAVS (Reg. No. 1063655)
UCLH - Uni. College London Hospitals Char. Trust (Reg. No. 229771)
UNHCR - Utd Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Reg. No. 26869)
UNICEF UK (Reg. No. 1072612)
Unique - Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group (Reg. No. 1110661)
Unlock a Life for Lockey (Reg. No. 1159826)
Urostomy Association (Reg. No. 1131072 )
Vegetarian Society of the UK, The (Reg. No. 259358)
Verity - The PCOS Self Help Group (Reg. No. 1097599)
Vidiyal Trust (Reg. No. 1113691)
Walk the Walk (Reg. No. SC029572)
War Child (Reg. No. 1071659)
Water for Kids (Reg. No. 1059901)
WaterAid (Reg. No. 288701)
Well Being of Women (Reg. No. 239281)
Westcliff United Soccability Football Club (Reg. No. Q-ESS3216)
Westie Rescue Scheme, The (Reg. No. 1107970)
Westleigh Baptist Church (Reg. No. 1132875)
When You Wish Upon A Star (Reg. No. 1060963)
Whizz Kidz (Reg. No. 802872)
Who Cares? Trust, The (Reg. No. 1010518)
Wickford Talking Newspaper for the Blind (Reg. No. 273685)
Wilderness Foundation UK (Reg. No. 1118493)
Williams Syndrome Foundation (Reg. No. 281014)
Willow Foundation, The (Reg. No. 1106746)
Wipe Away Those Tears (Reg. No. 1122670)
Womankind (Reg. No. 328206)
World Animal Protection (Reg. No. 1081849)
World Villages for Children (Reg. No. 1058973)
WWF - World Wildlife Fund (Reg. No. 1081247)
Wyburns Parent and Teachers Association (Reg. No. 1070894)
WYCE (Wonder Years Centre of Excellence) (Reg. No. 1089167)
Young Minds (Reg. No. 1016968)
Youth for Christ (Reg. No. 263446)
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