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Please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have, or to clarify anything that you need more information about.

Specific Colourthon contacts

Event Sponsorship:  Megan  Telephone: 08448 028505
Stewarding:  Julian  Telephone: 08448 028507
Marketing & Media:  Damon  Telephone: 08448 028506
Event Co-ordinator:  Julian  Telephone: 08448 028508
Facebook/Twitter:  Megan  Telephone: 08448 028505
Procurement:  Robin  Telephone: 08448 028504
Online Sponsorship:  Julian  Telephone: 08448 028508
Charities:  Steve  Telephone: 08448 028509
Webmaster:  Jon  Telephone: 08445 883105

All other Colourthon enquiries please use contact information listed below

Telephone08448 028508
AddressColourthon Events
1-3 Rosshill Industrial Park
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