Health and Safety Policy

It is important to remember that the Moonlight Colourthon event is held in and around Southend on public highways and footpaths and walkers should be especially aware of the dangers associated with walking at night. This is one of the reasons behind us encouraging people to dress as brightly as possible to be seen. Southend can be very busy on a Saturday evening and special care and attention should be taken at all times.

Stewards will be strategicly placed all along the route, please pay attention to any advice or direction they have to offer. Also along the route will be event safety vehicles, each vehicle will contain a first aider provided by the St. John Ambulance Brigade and if you feel unwell or unable to continue will collect you and return you to the St. John Ambulace control centre at Chalkwell Park.

Please note: your walkers number should be fixed to your clothes at chest height and must have the ‘In Case of Emergancy’ information on the reverse completed before the start of the event. If for any reason you have to leave the event please ensure you inform a steward and return your number.

Event Preparation

As with any event of this type it is important to prepare properly. We have been very fortunate in having had David Lloyd Leisure to prepare a fitness schedule for the event.

This schedule is based over a ten week period and should ensure you’re rearing to go come the event!

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