Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are applicable only to the ‘Moonlight Colourthon’, and ‘Twilight Colourthon’ (the ‘events’). The organisers of the events are the ‘Moonlight Colourthon Charitable Trust’ (the ‘organisers’) on behalf of Southend Round Table 106. Entry to each event/s is by submission of our completed Registration Form and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein.  A successful application is for the named walker only.

The ‘Moonlight Colourthon’ and ‘Twilight Colourthon’ is restricted to entrants aged 13 or over at midnight on the eve of the event (Entrants under 16 must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian who should sign the Registration Form on their behalf).  The closing date for admission to the ‘Moonlight Colourthon’ and ‘Twilight Colourthon’ is when the event is considered to be full by the organisers.

The ‘Moonlight Colourthon’ is an approximate half marathon walk (13.1 miles) and the ‘Twilight Colourthon’ is a 10k walk (6.1 miles) both events follow a pre-determined route through and around Southend-on-Sea. The organisers retain the right to alter/divert the route/s where it is deemed applicable or necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. The organisers will take all reasonable steps to sign the route/s but walkers should be aware that they are walking on public highways and should keep to the footpaths and exercise due care and attention at all times. The responsibility of the public highway rests with the Local Authority.

Walkers should arrive at the park at least 45 minutes ahead of their event start time. The organisers retain the right to refuse entry to the park and or events should they see fit to do so.

The organisers retain the right to close the route/s, or any part thereof, should they feel necessary both prior to and during the event/s.

With the exception of guide dogs, no animals are allowed to participate in the events.

Slow walkers – As a safety precaution the furthest loop of the Moonlight Colourthon route (Marine Parade (West)/Tattersall Gardens/London Road/Thames Drive 1.4km – 0.86ml) will close at 20:45. At that time all walkers will be redirected from the top of Belton Way back along Marine Parade to complete the remainder of the route.

The events are all walking challenges and, with the exception of manually propelled wheelchairs, walkers are not permitted to run or ride the routes (The final decision will be that of the organisers).

Walkers should be sure they are medically fit to enter their event and if in any doubt should consult their medical practitioner. The organisers accept no responsibility for a walker’s medical condition or ability to complete the events. Walkers are required to disclose on the Registration Form any disability or condition they feel the organisers should be made aware of.

Walkers are required to complete the I.C.E. (In case of emergency) details on the reverse of their entry number and ensure that their number is worn clearly visible whist participating in the events.

Under no circumstances will walkers be allowed to enter the event under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.

On completion of their event walkers will be presented with a Colourthon Medal which will serve as proof of completion of their particular challenge.

Walkers using the designated parking areas do so at their own risk and no liability will be accepted by the organisers and/or their sponsors for any damage caused or incident in or around these parking areas.

In the unlikely instance that an event is unavoidably cancelled and the organisers are not able to reschedule, your entry will be transferred to the following year’s events. Refunds will not be offered or given except in exceptional circumstances as determined by the event organisers whose decision will be final.

All sponsorship proceeds should be passed in their entirety to the walker’s nominated charity. Walkers are not permitted to use sponsorship proceeds to offset any expenses incurred. Walkers are required to notify the organisers (quoting their Walker Number) of the total amount raised or pledged either at the event, or by:-

e-mail: info@colourthon.org or, post to:
Colourthon Events, 1-3 Rosshill Industrial Park, Sutton Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 5PZ.

The organisers accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the collection of sponsorship money or pledges.  The responsibility for the collection and payment of all proceeds is between the walker and their nominated charity.

The organisers and event sponsors accept no liability for lost or damaged articles.

Please note: In this document reference to the ‘organisers’ refers to the ‘Moonlight Colourthon Charitable Trust’ on behalf of ‘Southend Round Table 106’ a Registered Charity No.1052897. Reference to the ‘event/s’ refers to either the ‘Moonlight Colourthon’, ‘Twilight Colourthon’ or the ‘Sunlight Colourthon’. Information may be retained by the ‘Moonlight Colourthon Trust’ and/or Southend Round Table 106, or associated organisations, to inform you about or to promote future events. Some of the information disclosed to us and processed by the organisers will be sensitive personal data (as defined by ‘the Act’). By signing the Registration Form or agreeing to the Terms and Conditions online you hereby give to the organisers and their associated organisers your explicit consent to process your sensitive personal data, including photographic material, for the purposes outlined above.

Data Protection Act
The event/s organisers will maintain records of walker’s personal data for the purpose of organising /administrating and promoting the event/s. Processing of the data may be undertaken by the organisers via its own officials and contracted agents. Your information will also be passed to the charity that you have nominated to walk on behalf of. By signing the Registration Form or agreeing the ‘Terms and Conditions’ online you confirm to have read the purposes for which your personal data will be held and used by the organisers and you understand and agree to them. Entry to the event is only on acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Moonlight Colourthon Charitable Trust is registered with the ICO in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes detailed above. For further information please write to:- Colourthon Events, 1-3 Rosshill Industrial Park, Sutton Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 5PZ.

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